Specialist in LED lighting

UNI-BRIGHT® is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting.

The brand was established in 1995 and is a member of the PROLED GROUP since 2018. The range is very extensive and designed with an eye for design and technical precision. For more than 10 years, our focus has been on LED developments that are applied in projects of:
• hospitality
• boutiques and shops
• offices
• villas, houses and apartments

In collaboration with LED manufacturers, who dispose of the necessary patents and licenses, we can respond to the needs of our customers and evolutions in the market.


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Partner of wholesalers and lighting specialty shops

We place our products and expertise at the disposal of our network of wholesalers and lighting specialty shops. We pursue a long-term relationship with an eye on our client’s future developments. Together with them we work to build a solid reputation. Along with support in the area of lighting technology, we offer the support needed to develop energy- efficient solutions and intelligent lighting control systems.

In collaboration with our partners, installers, architects, interior designers and shop designers, garden contractors and other professional users choose to integrate our products into their projects.

Expertise and guidance

A lighting plan must meet the various requirements for a specific room and must take elements like visual comfort, energy efficiency and personal preferences into account.

The technical team assists our clients in the selection of lighting equipment and matching control systems. Whether your needs are in lighting for office spaces, different lighting levels in classrooms, dynamic shops or the atmosphere in outdoor areas, the technical team can guide you in planning the right lighting for the right place.

Licensing agreement with Signify

UNI-BRIGHT® has signed a license agreement with Signify EnabLED program for the use of around 3000 Signify patents in its LED luninaires and lamps. The EnabLED program gives access to 3000 Signify system patents, Color Kinetics and TIR to use in the development of our products.

This means that innovations in new technologies are available to us, related to LED control, optics and thermal aspects.

Energy efficient

With LED lighting you can save a whole lot of energy. LEDs have a higher lumen to Watt ratio and convert electricity into light more efficiently. Compared to a regular incandescent lightbulb or halogen lamp, a LED lamp uses up to 90% less energy.

Lighting control is also an efficient way of saving energy and providing light at the right place, the right time and in the right quantity. UNI-BRIGHT offers lighting controls for a wide variety of applications.


Energy-efficiency and long operational life are not just the most important advantages of the LED; they are also better for the environment.

Because they use less electricity LEDs contribute to reducing CO2 output. If everyone were to switch over to LED lighting, we would all be able to drastically reduce our CO2 output. 
Additionally, LED lamps do not contain any fluorescent powder, mercury vapour or other hazardous metals as in low-power lamps or TL-lamps. The lamps are completely recyclable.  

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